IMportant message

*Effective July 10, 2020 - Face Masks are mandated when inside all building at the range. This includes the Range 1 Building and the Clubhouse.**


There are still strict "Social Distancing" protocols in place in order to operate. We are advising all members that there will be the following rules which will be posted on-site:


  • 2m (6 feet) distance still required between people at this time. If you can not be 2m from another shooter, please wait until someone is finished on the range before approaching.

  • The Clubhouse will not be open at this time.

  • There is a limit to 3 persons maximum in the Range 1 Shooting shack until further notice.

  •  Washrooms - as you know we have a shared commode on-site. Please bring hand sanitizer with you.

Signs will be posted around the grounds to advise of the regulations, we ask all members to respect these rules. 


1) The November meeting is cancelled and the next one will be in the new year.



2) There is a work day at the range set for Saturday November 21st.

This will be for tasks that need to be done on the ranges including rehabbing any target holders that require it,

as well as building more of same thanks to lumber donations from generous members.


3) Our membership will soon be up to near 200 and a temporary decision had been made to only take on

new members that live roughly in a 100 km. radius from the range


Mission Statement:

To promote good sportsmanship and educate shooters of all ages in the safe handling all firearms on the range and in the field. We will accomplish this while building respect and fellowship among our members and guests.

Our highest priority has been, is and will continue to be Firearm Safety. 

It is and must be held with the highest regard and foremost in all the activities at the Madoc Sport Shooters Club.

We are heavily involved in offering instruction and tutoring in an effort improve accuracy, capabilities and enjoyment of any shooter interested in doing so.

We have and will continue to play a fundamental role in informing, educating and raising the awareness in society on the safe, responsible and legal use of firearms.


While our first priority is always firearms safety, our second priority is to have fun.

A bad day at the range should always be better than a good day at work!

© 2020 Madoc Hunters and Anglers