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Welcome to Madoc Sport Shooters

Our goal is promote good sportsmanship and educate shooters of all ages in the safe handling all firearms on the range and in the field. We will accomplish this while building respect and fellowship among our members and guests. 


Our highest priority is Firearm Safety. Safety is held with the highest regard and foremost in all the activities at the Madoc Sport Shooters Club.

We continue to play a fundamental role in informing, educating and raising the awareness in society on the safe, responsible and legal use of firearms.


While our first priority is always firearms safety, our second priority is to have fun.

A bad day at the range should always be better than a good day at work!


  • June 30 - 22LR KYL Match - 9am, CHANGED to Range 3 (50 yards)

  • July 14 - General Meeting, 9am, Clubhouse

  • July 20 - Pistol Match - 10am, Range 3

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