COVID-19 Notification

To our valued members,


During this unprecedented time in our history, we wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know that as part of the Madoc Hunters & Anglers Club, we are working to support you and our fellow Canadians as we manage through COVID-19. The safety and security of our members, clients and our communities is of paramount importance to us.


As we all take important precautions to practice social distancing, we are setting some regulations to limit the risk of our members. We are still open to our members, as we have a rural location and as a smaller club we have a lower number of attendee's at the range at one time. The government has placed restrictions and closures on gatherings of over 50 people. It is your choice to attend the club at any time and is at your own risk. 


Please note the following:


  • We will remain open at this time, however this is not guaranteed and is subject to further mandate by the Government. If we are required to close, you will be notified. 


  • Please ensure that you are practicing sanitary measures above and beyond the normal practice such as bringing sanitary wipes, sanitizers and washing your hands after you leave the range. Recommended to wipe down your firearms after proven safe and ready for storage, as well as your personal belongings including your steering wheel. 


  • There is a limit on persons permitted in the shooting shack (Range #1). This has been limited to the number of shooting ports. All others are asked to use a different range or wait until someone leaves the shack. 1 in- 1 out policy. 


  • Range rentals for private instruction are still permitted, however there is a limit of 20 participants maximum to gather one a range or inside the clubhouse. Anyone who has rented a range or clubhouse and is in excess of this number, will be evicted from the range and may have rental privileges ongoing revoked. 

  • Instructors are to provide sanitizer or other effective agents for their clients and wipe down the doorknobs and other range property touched. 

  • If the range should experience closure in the upcoming time, all rentals will be cancelled, at no charge. 


Reflecting our longstanding dedication to helping our fellow citizens, and practicing safety for our members, we are taking these precautions throughout this pandemic and in the months to come. 


Be safe, be kind and stay virtually connected to your friends, family and those who need your support.


Your Executive Team 

Madoc Hunters & Anglers Club